The Wonderpress Development Environment is a customized root directory for a WordPress installation. It does not alter or touch the WordPress Core (in any way), but it does provide a common structure and various development tools that help make development of WordPress websites across projects and teams more normalized and easier.

Installation and Setup

Via Wonderpress CLI (easiest way)
The Wonderpress Development Environment is able to be installed and setup multiple ways, but the best way is to utilize the Wonderpress CLI’s wonderpress init command. Read more about this command in the documentation for the Wonderpress CLI.

$ wonderpress init

Install Manually + WP CLI
If you don’t intend to (or, for some reason you can’t) use the Wonderpress CLI, you can still install the Wonderpress Development Environment manually, with the help of the WP CLI. First, install the WP CLI, and then use the following steps to guide your setup.

Download the Wonderpress Development Environment from Github:

$ mkdir my-project
$ cd my-project
$ git clone --depth=1 https://github.com/wndrfl/wonderpress-development-environment . && rm -rf .git

Use the WP CLI to download WordPress (without the wp-content directory):

$ wp core download --skip-content --force

Use the WP CLI to configure and install WordPress:

$ wp config create --dbhost=[your db host] --dbuser=[your db user] --dbpass=[your db pass] --dbname=[your db name
$ wp core install --url=[the url] --title=[the title] --admin_user=[admin username] --admin_password=[something secure] --admin_email=[the admin email]

Install and update all Composer packages:

$ composer install
$ composer update

At this point, the Wonderpress Development Environment is installed (but no theme exists).